Parasite control

At Marshfield Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing comprehensive parasite control solutions to protect your pet from harmful parasites.

Vet treating dog for fleas

Understanding Pet Parasites

Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms can pose serious health risks to your pet. These parasites can transmit diseases, cause discomfort, and even lead to life-threatening conditions if left untreated. Regular parasite control is essential to safeguard your pet’s health and prevent infestations in your home.

When to Seek Pet Parasite Control

It’s essential to maintain a regular parasite control regimen for your pet, starting from an early age. Puppies and kittens should begin parasite prevention as soon as possible, and adult pets should receive regular treatments as recommended by our veterinarians. Additionally, if you notice any signs of parasite infestation in your pet, such as itching, hair loss, or visible parasites, contact us immediately for prompt treatment.

Our Pet Parasite Control Services

Flea and Tick Prevention

We offer a variety of flea and tick prevention products to keep these pesky parasites at bay. Our veterinarians will recommend the most suitable products based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors.

Intestinal Parasite Prevention

Regular deworming is crucial for preventing intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. We provide deworming treatments tailored to your pet’s needs to ensure they remain parasite-free.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition transmitted by mosquitoes. We offer heartworm prevention medications to protect your pet from this deadly parasite.

External Parasite Control

In addition to fleas and ticks, we also address other external parasites such as mites and lice to keep your pet comfortable and healthy.

Benefits of Pet Parasite Control

Prevent Disease Transmission: Effective parasite control reduces the risk of your pet contracting diseases transmitted by parasites, keeping them safe and healthy.

Protect Your Family: Some parasites can be transmitted from pets to humans, posing a risk to your family’s health. By controlling parasites in your pet, you can protect your entire household.

Prevent Infestations: Parasite infestations in your home can be difficult and costly to eliminate. By controlling parasites on your pet, you can prevent infestations in your living environment.

Trust Marshfield Animal Hospital for Pet Parasite Control

At Marshfield Animal Hospital, we prioritize the health and well-being of your pets. Our experienced veterinarians are dedicated to providing compassionate care and effective parasite control solutions to keep your pet safe from harm.

Ensure your pet’s health and happiness by scheduling a parasite control consultation with us today. Your pet deserves the best protection against parasites.