Lyme Disease Alert!

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Spring and fall are the two seasons in New England we see ticks infesting our pets. There has been an increasing number of dogs in the area becoming infected with Lyme Disease, which is contracted from deer tick bites.

Marshfield Animal Hospital believes that tick control is the best means of preventing transmission of Lyme Disease. We carry the three most effective products on the market to keep ticks from infecting your pets: Frontline, Advantix and Preventic collars.

Some dogs may be at higher risk for Lyme Disease and may be good candidates for a vaccine to further prevent infection. The vaccination is somewhat controversial and should be discussed with our staff veterinarians.

Testing for Lyme Disease may be recommended if your dog may have been exposed to any ticks and has any of the following clinical signs: fever, lethargy, stiff or swollen joints. We have the most up-to-date testing procedure for Lyme Disease and can have results in our lab within 15 minutes.