In this day and age of pharmaceutical bombardment, it is refreshing for patients to have the option of holistic treatments to get to the root of the problem and help them heal.  The emergence of therapeutic laser (formerly known as “cold laser”) is changing the way we manage acute and chronic conditions in veterinary medicine.  A process called photobiomodulation is the essence of therapeutic laser treatments.  It’s fundamental mechanism of action is as elementary as photosynthesis, which we all know is essential for life on Earth to exist.

Using safe infared wavelength light Therapeutic Laser speeds healing and reduces pain and inflammation on injured or diseased tissues.  The applications are unlimited, including management of arthritic pain, facilitation of wound healing, hot spots, acute ear infections and reducing pain along incisions post-surgically.  Patients are awake and experience no discomfort or side effects from treatments.

With the advancement of technology, Class IV Therapeutic Lasers have emerged and can penetrate deep into muscles and joints, even abdominal organs in small dogs and cats.  Our Class IV Companion Therapeutic Laser at Marshfield Animal Hospital has become a “work horse” for cats and dogs, and has helped many of our patients to heal and live more comfortably.