Bubba’s Journey

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This is Bubba. At the age of nine, he’s starting a new life in a new home. When preschool teacher Donna laid eyes on him on the Animal Control Facebook page, it was love at first sight. With his long, soft ears and soulful brown eyes Donna knew he was the perfect fit for her family.

When Bubba finally came home Donna noticed how difficult it was for him to eat. Just cleaning Bubba’s face would leave him cowering in pain. As any concerned owner, she brought him in for an exam.

This is the story of Bubba’s transformation through the kind and gentle hands of the staff here at Marshfield Animal Hospital. This is the story of how  Bubba found his smile..


The first step to a thorough dental cleaning is basic blood work. This tells us if Bubba is able to safely be placed under anesthesia and gives us a good idea of his overall health.

Bubba’s Catheter is then placed and he’s given a medication to make him a little sleepy. The medication chosen by the Doctor is tailored specifically for Bubba’s needs, it’s called a Pre-Med. During the entire procedure Bubba will also receive I.V. Fluids to keep him well hydrated.

Once sleepy, Bubba is given additional medication to allow us to place a tube that will help Bubba receive the perfect amount of oxygen and anesthesia. Keeping Bubba comfortable is very important.

Dental Exam

With Bubba asleep the Doctor can now carefully evaluate his teeth. It’s no surprise that Bubba is having a hard time eating. His teeth are being held in place by dental calculus, a hard brown calcification that has been building up over his teeth for years. The bacteria that Bubba swallows every day can cause all kinds of health problems with his heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Our Doctors take dental X-rays and form a plan to save as many teeth as possible.

During his dental cleaning, Bubba has a team of Veterinary Technicians helping the Doctor monitor his fluids, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels heart rate and comfort.

The Cleaning

After cleaning Bubba’s teeth, the Doctor carefully extracts the teeth that are causing him pain. As you can see from the before and after pictures, Bubba has a new, clean and healthy mouth. The Doctor sends him home with antibiotics and pain medication to help make him comfortable and prevent infection. The Doctor also modifies Bubba’s diet temporarily while his mouth heals.

At Marshfield Animal Hospital every case is individual and every pet is unique. Before Bubba leaves, the Dental Technician goes over a long term dental care plan. During every Wellness Exam we’ll be checking on Bubba’s dental health and making more recommendations. With regular cleanings and at home care, Bubba will enjoy his new life and family for many years to come!